"Carol is really being put to the test here"

“According to Kirkman, the fallout of Axel’s death will definitely be a big part of what’s to come on “The Walking Dead,” particularly for Carol. “It’s important to note that sometimes the death on ‘The Walking Dead’ has to be very sudden. That keeps people on their toes, and goes to illustrate exactly how dangerous things are. Carol is really being put to the test here,” Kirkman explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s going to have Daryl, which is something of a good thing for her, but she’s not having an easy time with this. It did certainly seem like there may be something brewing between her and Axel, but that was taken away from her. So we’ll see how she deals with that moving forward.”


Edit: I think this could be a new challenge for Carol. It seems like she can’t have nice things, everyone she gets close to dies and she will be afraid to lose someone else because of that. It’s interesting. She is stronger now and I love that!! but she has to conquer her fears all the time.

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    Now having actually read this… Looking back, I think I agree with the idea that Axel’s death should hit her hard for a...
  11. racerlovesloopy said: "It did certainly seem like there may be something brewing between her and Axel" Not *something was brewing. There wasn’t enough time, Daryl was gone for what? 2 days? They’ve built a back story w/Caryl for a reason. It’ll be neat to see what hpns
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    OR, or, Axel and Carol becoming close and Axel’s death make a good catalyst for Daryl to console her and therefore bring...
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    True that!
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