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yes, mom. i mean, ma’am. 

HELP.. My heart is breaking. I can’t..

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"Of course, Rick has a penis, and in the world of gender-based double standards everyone knows that if you have a penis and make morally questionable decisions “for the greater good,” you’re just doing what a man should and stepping up. When women do it, it’s aggressive, evil, and a deserving of contempt and condemnation. Leave the men-folk to make the tough choices ladies, and stick to being good, nurturing little voices of stereotypical support in the background."

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When i read certain people say Carol needs a “redemption arc”


Here we go again..  ◕‿◕  Carol doesn’t NEED a redemption arc. There’s NOTHING to “redeem”.

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guess who’s back on set: 

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Melissa McBride - Photo by: Lenswoman.com

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"I would like to know that Carol is straight-up with the world. I would like to see her comfortable and confident in her thought process and her worldview, and her ability to do what she feels needs to be done to protect herself and her people, and straight-up enough to where whatever happened to her, she just went on a run and disappeared and never came back. It’s kind of like in real life — you want everybody to know where they are with you. I would like for her to not really have any last words, as though they’re not necessary because she made it clear. She made it clear along the way."

Melissa McBride, on how she’d like Carol to die when the time comes

insidetv.ew.com, Dalton Ross, 8.29.14 (x

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I love the way she thinks about Carol’s death but but but stop Mel!! I’m crying already.. I don’t even want to think about it :(

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Admiration: The act of adoring and loving. The feeling of liking and appreciating. 

Her performance has captivated many people from the industry. The producers and the cast say Melissa is a phenomenal actress. The writer says he loves to write for her. According to Andrew Lincoln, she is the single greatest actor he’s ever worked with. Chad Coleman says she is an acting teacher in desguise and Lauren Cohan dreams about her!! Clearly, “The Grove” was a free acting lesson for everyone and Melissa McBride is a goddess among women. 

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those eyes tho…

Well.. hello there cuuutie!! :)

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Melissa McBride - EW: “An inside look at season 5 of The Walking Dead”.

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"The Grove" audio commentary..


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"She was, she was cute. I walked in for the read-through one day, one of the times we did it, and she said, “Miss Melissa, I get that um … I figured out that Mika reminds Carol of Sophia, and that’s kinda why you’re more distant with her. You don’t wanna get too close with her."

—Melissa McBride on the brilliance of Kyla Kennedy, in audio commentary on “The Grove” (via fangirl4ever)
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"The Grove" Audio Commentary!


Here it goes! I couldn’t figure out a way to get the actual episode with commentary ripped to a file so this is just the audio. Maybe sync it up with the episode on silent to get the full effect? Yay!

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"I think you’re an acting teacher in disguise… You’re so incredibly intuitive and always passionate and always driven to go further. I never had to worry. All I had to do was look at you, babe."

Chad Coleman to Melissa McBride, The Grove Commentary (via carol-on)




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Melissa McBride.

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