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Cherokee Rose

I’ve been having MASSIVE Caryl feels and have been drawing them constantly! And oh am I so rusty at my digital art! X.X
I can’t wait for the reunion come season 5!! Just a little longer to wait!  I’ve been reading Caryl fanfics and drawing Caryl to pass the last month wait till Season 5 and I don’t know what to do with all these FEELS! Premier can’t get here fast enough! 

Caryl on my lovelies! 
Photo reference of “hand hearts” found on Pintrest. <3
Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier belong to Robert Kirkman/AMC
Art is Mine

Please don’t remove creds my dears. <3

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"For so long, she’s had somebody tell her that she can’t do things. And at some point, she would believe those voices. 
These real-world challenges in the show are really pushing
her to do what she’s capable of and forcing her to make choices"
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Carol, season 5 - The Walking Dead -
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Do you realize that we’re going from nothing-zero-nada-nightmare season 4 to everyday-a-new picture-great-spoilers, right??

They are going to kill us and they KNOW it and.. it’s not even October yet!

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I’m just looking at pictures of Carol and I’m still amazed at how much she’s grown since season 1. Her body language, her tone of voice, her attitude. Carol has had the most profound character development out of any character on this entire show. It’s nothing new but it’s just that i’m still amazed.. Wow, just wow!!

#CarolPride  (♥‿♥)

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Someone has asked for this gifset, so I’ve made it.

Rick kicked Carol out of the group… World’s biggest mistake.

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but if Ed walked through that door right now, breathing, and told me to go with him, i’d like to think i’d tell him to go to hell.  

- you would. 

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We don’t know if we’re gonna find her, Daryl. 

I can’t lose you too.

Her heart is breaking right there. HIS HAND.. he put his hand on her heart.

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These pictures were meant to be combined. 

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I like to think that sometimes when Judith gets a little cranky and can’t sleep at night, Carol gently rubs her back whispering comforting words and stories about Lori into her ear. The thought of her growing up and not remembering her mom, breaks her heart. Carol stays next to the crib, telling Judith how much her mommy loved her, how brave, kind and beautiful she was, until the baby starts to make sleepy sounds and finally falls sleep.

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ithinkurawesome replied to your post:A wonderful piece of art.

I may or may not have had a spiritual experience with “Shake it Out” during a run - TEARS by the time it was over.


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A wonderful piece of art.

Currently obsessed with Florence + the Machine: Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Seriously, i can’t stop singing it out loud!! Whoops! Sorry neighbors.. She is absolutely amazing and so talented!


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Melissa McBride (Carol, season 5)
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