"You have Judith, and it’s like trying to figure out again how we adapt to this world. You have children now who are coming up who aren’t aware of the world before the apocalypse. They’ll experience these horrible things (..) You have children who are born into the apocalypse. It’s going to be interesting. The children are the hope of the future, and to protect them is so important to Carol..”

- Melissa McBride 3/16/2014  (x) -

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Scott [Gimple] and I talked a lot about this… I’m sure if Carol had walked in and Karen was doing a crossword puzzle, she wouldn’t have done that. She had to have been very, very, very ill, and the state of the cell made me think that Karen was struggling to stand up, it wasn’t like a brutal takedown. It was a mercy killing, yes.

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Cause of death: Melissa McBride, being cute.. again.

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Oh Thank you!!! ♥ Waaait! praxid July 17th, is your birthay too?? 

July 16th, which is pretty darn close :)

Well.. we share the same zodiac sign haha! We are both Cancers :P A little late but Happy Birthday praxid! Hope you had a GREAT day!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sooo sorry I missed it, but better late than never, eh? ;) Hope you had a great day <3

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Sorry I'm a bit late, but happy birthday, wonderful person! :) :)

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Thank youuu queen peletier!!! :) *mhwua!!*

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Happy birthday!!!! :)

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Oh Thank you!!! ♥ Waaait! praxid July 17th, is your birthay too?? 

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It was so nice of you to stop by to wish me a “Happy Birthday”. 

Sending LOVE and plenty of HUGS to each and everyone of you..

You’re all cuties!! (◕‿◕✿)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY queen-carol ^^

I made this Carol gifset for you :) happy happy birthday!!!!

Awwww!!! Love this Carol gifset! Look at her.. the smile that melts my heart. Thanks so much for thinking of me today :) This is absolutely beautiful!!

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Happy Birthday queen-carol (◡‿✿)

Awwww!! Thanks for taking the time to do this.. ♥ This is so sweet and i love it!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

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Happy Birthday! :) have a great day!!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday! :))) enjoy you day ♥

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happy birthday, love! I hope you have an amazing day ♥

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