"You saved us, all by yourself."

Daryl to Carol - 5x02 -

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Daryl throws water jug at Carol.

and that’s how you FLIRT.

by Daryl Dixon.

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the concept of carol and daryl quietly understanding each other, and taking care of each other, is incredibly important to me

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Can we just take a minute to talk about this?


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I don’t know how to make it through a day anymore without talking about how Melissa McBride took the little caterpillar of Carol Peletier and cocooned her in silken brilliance and turned her into a monarch.

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Me and @madison_lintz and @mcbridemelissa. l Love this reunion:) [x]

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4.03 | 5.01 ” Is there anything you wouldn’t do for the people here? “

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I came home like a stone

and I fell heavy into your arms

these days of dust which we’ve known

will blow away with this new sun

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"I’ve already lost my girl…”

dedicated to Queen Carol [ x ]

Awww! This is the first time i see this post. Wow.. that’s incredibly sweet of you, thank you so much aykowa!! All the feels.. I love it!  

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I think you should watch this! She is so freaking gorgeous!!

“Georgina Blumes Nightmare”: A spoiled pampered suburbanite has an epiphany after she finds herself on the streets and in an urban Artist community. Starring: Melissa McBride. Jim Hancock’s first film 1993

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"All these widows and orphans but what do you 
call someone who has lost a child?"

- Carol and Michonne - 5x01 "No Sanctuary" -
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"To Carol there's no time for second guessing. 
She has to protect the people she loves"

- Melissa McBride on "Carol" -
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"It’s like, let’s see how many steps forward we can get and if one goes backwards, one’s there to pull them forward again. Keep an eye out for each other in that way"

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Oh my, it just occurred to me that there’s going to be a Carick scene with Carol returning Rick’s watch!!!

Yes, exactly! "You said i could survive, you were right" (Carol’s quote, remember?) ;)

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Do you believe me if i tell you that I still feel so excited, my heart beats so fast and my hands shake so much when I try to write or reblog something. It made me so happy SEEING CAROL IN ALL HER GLORY and that Caryl hug GAVE ME LIFE. I love this, i love this feeling!!

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