Funko POP! Walking Dead Vinyl Figure Carol Peletier Pre-Order ships October

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I’m so exciteddddd!!! Carol vinyl figure looks so cute and so badass :)

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Carol and Daryl in Atlanta, being badass together.

That is all. 

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No Emmy nom. I’m not disappointed. Melissa McBride is magnificent. Everybody knows it. Her amazing work deserves recognition, she deserves to know how much her talent is appreciated and of course it feels great to get awards but it doesn’t define her talent or her success.

What is more important is that she’s won so much of love and support from all of us. Her performance in the show touched my heart like I could have never imagined. She is a winner in my heart.

I’m VERY proud of Melissa! ♥ 

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Norman is SO excited with “the Caryl song" .. it makes me laugh everytime. What a cutie.

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But her face in the second gif tho. I can’t. 


asdfghjasdfghjk I can’t.. she is just so adorable!

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Aww! Great day for the Caryl tag. 

Enjoy. Be nice. I feel the best is yet to come.. 

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"It just really feels good, whether I have one fan, or five hundred, or two hundred and thirty thousand, it all feels good!"

In which Melissa McBride knows exactly how many people follow her on twitter (◠‿◠✿)  



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Oh! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Melissa any more than I already do!! <3 <3

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Season 5 Tease: The Walking Dead

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I know Ty, Judith and Carol are in danger in that sneak peek of season 5 but all i could think about was.. Carol looks so gorgeous with that scarf :)

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Sneak Peek of Season 5

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Hi:) i don't think that was Carol on the spoilers :/ i mean that person doesn't look like Melissa:( i'm sorry i don't want to think that she is hurt:(

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Let me hug you!!! :)  I understand how you feel. I just can’t stand the idea of her hurt and i think she’s been through enough already.

- Ed.

- Her daughter died.

- She gets lost in the tombs. She is found by Daryl starving and dehydrated.

- Axel is murdered in front of her. She survives by using his body as a shield to avoid harm.

- She was banished from the group (uuughh!)

- The Grove.

and NOW apparently she gets hit by a car and who knows what else.. reallyyyy? uugh!! like, was that really necessary?

That pic really broke my heart. Unfortunately it was Carol’s stunt double, she is only wearing her sleeveless top. I know we’ll have to wait a super long time to find out what happened but i choose to stay positive. 

This badass woman will escape her captors..


She will survive!!! :)

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Melissa taking silly selfies with her fans, after filming (on July 3rd!)


If you know the actual source of those pictures please let me know and I’ll edit this post.

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♥ Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

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1. I’m a good listener.

2. I have a good sense of humor :) (except in the morning before my coffee).

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Carol will survive.

I just can’t stand the idea of her hurt but she is our girl, she is so strong. She’ll make it, she will survive this.

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